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Urban Challenger

Urban Challenger turns city exploration on its head by using fun and creative challenges to direct you through a city.

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Web communications agency

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An agency for web design and development with a team of about 9 people. Utilizing latest web technologies and best design practices to build products that are meant to last, future-oriented, lightweight and fast.



Event for makers

Makerthon is an event for makers – people who love to realize their ideas. Making includes every hands on work including physical or software products. Makerthon is an initiative fostering innovation and their innovators.

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Chemo Compile

Chemotherapy planning software

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Chemo Compile is the first product of our young start-up MPS – medical planning systems. We develop a planning tool for managing chemotherapies with a database of latest chemotherapy protocols. MPS is funded by EXIST, a start-up program of the German chamber of commerce.


  • appmeister

App Meister

Search engine for mobile apps

App Meister helps you to find the best iOS apps for your purpose! Get rankings and pairwise comparisons by our community. Anthony Kosner at says: “[…] with a radically different (and arguably superior) discovery design.” Appmeister is funded by EXIST, a start-up program of the German chamber of commerce.

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  • img_jamsession

Jam Session

iPad App für Social Music Creation

Jam Session is a concept for an iPad app, that enables you to create music together with friends in real time via the internet. The app contains several instruments, controller and sequenzer for creative electronic music creation.

Suck This App

Tastes like candy, sounds like wuhaha.

The most minimal viable app ever – “Suck This App” sells the idea of an acoustic sound effect when playing the magic sound while sucking on your phone. Strictly lean, user can decide which feature to be implement next.

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  • carrotshop


Crowd funding through affiliate commissions for environmental projects

An affiliate platform to generate funding for a good purpose. Each round the community chooses a project to be supported by the next round of funding, generated through affiliate commissions from over 600 online shops.

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As a successor of the frog “Dandy Hotz”, under the name of “DNDY” I’m publishing music I produce while traveling. Music for me is the best way to capture moods and impressions. Besides two albums “Qaraghandy” and “Phnom Penh” named after the cities I’ve produced most of the tracks, I also composed music for contemporary theater performances and films.